HR News | 23.07.2018


Generation Z are born after 1995 and they are considered the future of global economy. This generation grew up in the era of social networking. The vast majority of their lives - from communication with family, interaction with friends, to shopping, learning - are all done online, mostly on a smartphone, not a desktop computer or a laptop. Over the next five years, this generation will be a young workforce and a large part of the business.

For generation Z, fun is essential in the work environment. So, for companies with long history or companies with harsh disciplines, dealing with the generation Z is really a difficult math problem.

In a recent survey, 72 percent of junior in high school claim they want to start a company of their own. 47% of young people in the generation Z think that a happy work environment and flexibility are the two leading factors for a job. Generation Z will leave the company without a good connection with the boss and colleagues, unfriendly work environment, find themselves underestimated, not respected, or restricted development job.

In addition, the factor of "flexibility in life" is also the reason that the trend of frequent job-hopping and non-full time work of the Z gene become more powerful. This will be the pinnacle of the outsourced human resources going on and will grow in the near future.

The above will create a challenge for businesses to build a team in the future, when the generation Z occupies most of the workforce. If you want to retain talent, your company need to understand and change quickly to keep up with the changing trends of the Z workforce. Facing the challenge, hr outsourcing seems to be a best solution. Hr outsourcing helps you and your company spend less time on paperwork and more time dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce. With its expertise and constant updates on the changing market, People Link confidently delivers customer satisfaction and trust with Staffing and HR outsourcing solutions.

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